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Grad School

School started again... which is great cuz its get me back to my gym routine. 4 days of school done so far and i have been to the gym every day. Happy ...

DAY 21

I will admit that I did skip one day. But beyond that I have worked out (even if its just a long walk) every single day. :) I am happy. Todays workout kicked my butt. I did Insanity and a 10 minute arm exercise... Very tough. But fun!

365 Day Challenge

I have been keeping with my challenge. Some days i just do the daily exercises from Back On Pointe and some days i have gone running and did those exercises. And on my travel day from hell i just walked the airport back and forth while waiting for my delayed flight.

Im in Texas now for a week usually that means working in an office for my sister, eating very unhealthy and not working out. So i am making sure to try extra hard tokeep up my challenge and get in a minimum exercise.

I woke up this morning and did my 15min so that i cant get sucked in the laziness. If i want later i can do more... which is the plan. Im still not eating that great out here. Queso dip is a weakness of mine.

Its only day 8 but i think its going good.


I hate packing...

I leave for Boston at 10pm... so I got a bit... but I still have to pack all my stuff up... and then go to the dreaded airport (ugh).

I got up super early for whatever reason and then I worked out for a little bit... and now I am in my room trying to make a list for all the things that I need while in Boston...

Apparently it is raining right now in Boston... which sucks ass... Its supposed to be summer why oh why is every place that I go gloomy and rainy and ugly. I want sun! I want pretty! This is annoying....

So I have to pack more sweaters and shit and I dont want to do that. . . I want shorts and tank tops and the ability to go swimming!!!!

Anyways... I come back on Saturday so its not so bad.
I am just soo excited... I have less than a week before I leave for Boston... and I have one month before I leave for Europe!!!

This summer is going to be awesome!

Summer Travel Plans

I have finalized all my summer travel plans... and I am sooo excited!!!

From June 23-27 I am going to be in Boston with my friend Lolita.

From July 1-8 I am going to be in Texas visiting family.

And my big travel plans ...

From July 15 - August 12 (oh yea a month!) I am going to be in Europe ... namely Germany and Spain (and the surrounding countries!!!) I am going with my sister Kristal, and my friend Samantha to visit our friend Maren.

I am soo excited. I am going to be home for a total of 3 weeks all summer! This is going to be the best summer ever... its surreal to think that I am finally getting a chance to just travel...


Week of fun!

This last week has been lots and lots of fun... I saw Get Set Go on Wednesday (they are my favorite band of all times)... I broke up with my boyfriend... so Yay to being Single!!! and I went to a party this weekend... sadly spent all of Sunday being hungover... NOT FUN...

And this Friday Cat is coming to Riverside... and we get to see SPICE GIRLS!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Camera issues

I spent $126 for a 6 megapixel camera. . . it was nice... but my screen cracked on my camera shortly after I bought it... sad... and apparently that is not covered by the warrenty because it is accidental damage. . . The problem with the screen being cracked is there is no alternate viewer... you know some cameras have the screen to look through and a hole... NOT this one... only a cracked screen...

So now I have to buy a new camera... My daddy was nice enough to promise to buy me a camera for my birthday... so I have to find a new camera now.

Best buy has a 7 megapixel camera on sale for $119 right now... they also have a protection plan... and i have to ask about accidental coverage... because I dont want this camera screen to crack and be shit out of luck twice in a row. . .

Oh and my birthday is only a week away...!!! YAY!
I have to go to school tomorrow... boo... at least I only have 3 days of school this week before I have a week off for thanksgiving and my birthday!

I am so excited about my birthday... I love birthdays... I love breaks from school too... I desperatly need it.

I am going to go work out now... and then I am going to sleep cause I have to be up at 6 am... damn school!


I bought tickets to see Mystere... so when Cat, Andrew, and I go to Vegas in December. . . we get to go see a show... have some fun... :D

My birthday is coming up in 11 days!!! YAY!!!